We are proud to announce of the 98 BPA members at CRHS this year 38 have earned the right to compete at the State Leadership Conference March 10-12. They competed on Monday a non-school day in academic events. Please help us congratulate:


Hailee Carson Web Site Design Team
Madalyn Hatch Web Site Design Team
Jodey Sweet Web Site Design Team
Dallyn Bauman Video Production Team
McKenna Ficklin Video Production Team
Tana Hufstetler Video Production Team
Christian Schrader Video Production Team
Brayden Crisp Small Business Management Team
Lorren Marsh Small Business Management Team
Raquel Orozco Small Business Management Team
Jealsy Simons Presentation Management Individual
Davia Gutierrez Personal Financial Management
Anika Wallace Personal Financial Management
Brynton Gates PC Servicing and Troubleshooting
Kelsey Bastian Parliamentary Procedure Team
Ashlynn Hall Parliamentary Procedure Team
Anika Wallace Parliamentary Procedure Team
Julia Williams Parliamentary Procedure Team
Samantha Beverly Medical Office Procedures
Michael Ashby Legal Office Procedures
Madalyn Hatch Legal Office Procedures
Bailey Henley Intermediate Word Processing
Brayden Crisp Human Resource Management
Adilene Ambriz Fundamental Word Processing
Hamilton Lavin Financial Math and Analysis
Tana Hufstetler Extemporaneous Speech
James Brennan Entrepreneurship
Cailyn Black Economic Research Team
Trinity Kimmett Economic Research Team
Alexis White Economic Research Team
Ariana Human-McKinnon Economic Research Individual
Brynton Gates Computer Network Technology
Benjamin Carberry Computer Animation Team
Michael Carberry Computer Animation Team
Connor Dahlquist Computer Animation Team
Reilly Dahlquist Computer Animation Team
Sierra Enders Basic Office Systems and Procedures
Alyssa Sanders Basic Office Systems and Procedures
Elma Garcia Advanced Office Systems & Procedures



Gayle M. Bean

Jennifer Bollinger

Sarah LaMarche

Business Teacher

BPA Advisor

Canyon Ridge High School